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Banana smoothies - 8th October 2021

While we were outside during morning play Mikaere comes up to me and randomly asks for a banana smoothie so I suggested we ask our cook Melissa if we have the ingredients to make it! Melissa soon came out and she said "we definitely have some banana's and milk", and we suggested having it for afternoon tea and soon Maurice heard and was excited for a banana smoothie as well. The children all continued to play throughout the morning and Mikaere actually fell asleep during rest time and then went home early so unfortunately, he missed out so we will make banana smoothies again hopefully next week so he gets to try it!

For afternoon tea we got our mixer to mash the banana and blend with the milk and Melissa brought us yogurt to make it a bit thicker and the older children all helped blend it together. They were all excited to try it but not everyone liked it,

I asked the children what the banana smoothie taste like and the children replied.

Hunter "it tastes like vomit" and laughs as tipped it out.

Ruby kept making faces at her drink but drank half before saying "I don't like it" and tipped it out. Novia and Emilia both said "this taste so good" and they kept 'cheering' their glasses together and had 3 cups each. Marlee, Nathan, Baby Hunter and Neveah all seemed to love it and kept smiling as she drank 2 cups. We gave Jenayah hers in a sippy cup and she saw everyone else having a cup and demanded a cup and soon enjoyed finishing her drink. Maurice says " it's so yummy"

Link to Pedagogical Documentation

EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing Elements: 3.2 Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing. Mikaere asked for a healthy smoothie showing awareness for healthy lifestyles and good nutrition.

Service Philosophy

We support the development of healthy food choices and physical activity habits. The children wanted to have banana smoothies which is a healthy chioce


Critical reflection- This was a great experience based on Mikaere interests and ideas, it will be great to do it again and see if Mikaere actually likes his idea smoothie. I was able to encourage the children's language skills by questioning them through this experience to see if they liked the drink and if they wanted a turn or wanted more. Follow up- Do this experience again for Mikaere but possibly add strawberries for added flavour.

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