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Basket ball play - 8th August 2022

Spontaneous: This week we were celebrating Pyjama week in Koala corner. Most of the children and educators came in their Pyjamas. This morning the children were playing in the Possum yard. The Possums were playing ball games. Hunter and Pilar came to me and asked for balls. Hunter and Pilar said "ball , ball, ball". I took them to the basket where we store all the balls. I offered each a ball. I asked them "do you want to play basket ball". Pilar said " yes" and Hunter replied "yeeeaaa". I took them to the basket ball stand. Both Pilar and Hunter were happy. They threw their balls into the basket and got it when it fell onto the ground. they were super excited and played for a while. Jack and Tilly wanted a turn. I offered them the balls. Jack and Tilly played for a while and then moved to the climbing equipment. I encouraged Elijah to come and have a turn. While Elijah was playing Lucas came and joined with him. Lucas helped Elijah to get his ball. Then they moved on to the other side of the yard. I encouraged Aladeng to come have a turn with the basket ball. Aladeng is a lovely girl who gave a big smile and said "ok" and came along for a play. One of the Possum children (Nevaeh) saw autumn playing on the soft fall. She offered her ball to Autumn. Autumn was happy to get the ball. She rolled the ball on the soft fall. Nevaeh and I helped her to get the ball back. The children had great morning having a physical play.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing Elements: 3.2 Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing. The children in this learning experience were excited to play basketball, they were active to throw the ball into the basket and happy to run and get the ball back.


This learning experience can be linked to Maslow's theories. He believes that if educators help children to meet their physical need and emotional needs then they will grow into strong, resilient and competent adults.


Critical Reflection:I helped children to get a ball each. I also helped children in taking turns. I encouraged children Elijah, Aladeng and Autumn to participate in the activity. I felt hard to explain this age group children to stand back and throw the ball into the basket. They kept coming near the basket to throw the ball. Follow Up: More Munch and Move activities.

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