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Christmas Card Craft - 16th December 2021

Today we continued with our Christmas related activities and crafts. The children were given a hand made card and immediately started to use the equipment given like pencils, glue, glitter to make their card. Jenayah and Nevaeh went for the markers and drew in circles. Lucas enjoyed the markers and colouring however was eager to add stickers on the Christmas tree. He recognised it was Christmas tree and added the stickers to where baubles and the decorations would actually go. After this, we demonstrated how the glitter works by shaking it up and down. Once that was instructed, Hunter and Elya copied it very well, holding the jar in the correct position. Overall, the children thoroughly enjoyed this activity and did an amazing job using their problem solving skills and creativity, experimenting with different colours and materials.

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Critical Reflection: In preparing for this activity we gathered our equipment in which was coloured paper, markers and pencils, glitter, glue as well as a green Christmas tree we previously cut out to resemble. We folded the paper to create a card and gave one to each child. They were asked to draw something on the inside of the card and did exactly so. We stuck the Christmas tree on the front of the card and they added glitter and stickers to it. Follow up: Following up from this activity we will continue to provide activities and crafts relating to Christmas themes.

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