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Christmas craft - 2nd December 2021

This mornings art and craft experience was for the children to enjoy some christmas activities in a smaller group setting. The first to come to the table was Everleigh, Pilar and Blake. Blake painted his piece with lovely brush strokes where as Everleigh liked to put the paint on her arms and then on to her artwork smiling all the time. Pilar couldn't wait she was so eager to paint that when she put the paint onto the paper she used little brush strokes really focusing on the work. Hunter was very impatient and kept coming over to the table and putting his hands on the children's work so as soon as possible we set the art work up for him, Hunter moved his brush over the tree and then thought it was good to use his hands smashing his hands down onto the tree. Neveah was eager to have a turn and started to get upset thinking she wasn't getting a turn so with some reassurance she waited and when it was her turn she jumped up and ran to the table with a big grin on her face. Jude came over and he loved to dip the brush into the paint he started to brush the tree slowly then he pushed the brush down making these lovely shapes onto the tree. Pippa also joined in with Jude putting the brush into the paint then sliding the brush over the tree making lovely lines she then decided to put on some glitter to give the tree some sparkles. Jude noticed her doing this and asked to put some onto his piece. Elya loves to do any art and sat down moving the brush at first but then like Hunter decided using her hands was better than any brush. Marlee came over and she also moved the brush ever so slowly over the tree making lines then dipping the brush back into the paint saying "green" That's correct Marlee the paint is green I replied. Jenayah and Aarvi also joined the group moving their brush back and forth. Aarvi did her art work quietly where as Jenayah kept saying "more paint," "more paint" dipping the brush into the paint more than putting it onto her work. The children seemed to enjoy this art experience today so we will continue with some more over the coming weeks.

Link to Pedagogical Documentation

EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 5: Children are effective communicators Elements: 5.4 Children begin to understand how symbols and pattern systems work. Arts and crafts allows children to express their feeling and individuality.


This learning experience can be linked to Gardner's theories. He saw arts and creativity as playing major roles in children's learning. Children are able to explore many cognitive concepts through their play and creative explorations.


Critical Reflection: The children in this experience used turn- taking, cooperation and communications while working in this group setting. I feel the craft worked better working in a smaller group as it gave the children time to talk and work on their pieces of art at their own pace. Follow up; Add more christmas craft for the children to enjoy.

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