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Color water play ( counting) - 20th February 2023

Room project: sensory play It was a warm morning, the Joeys were asked if they would like some water play. Hunter shouted 'me' as he put his hands up. I got the water trough out. Hunter, Elya, Nathan, Dau, Mila, Tilly, Aladeng and Ezekaiah all came running toward the water trough. I asked the Joeys what they would like to put in the water. Hunter went and got a baby toy and put it into the water, Elya put her baby doll from home in the water too and Nathan added a bowl to the water . To make the water play more sensory for the Joeys, I added blue paint to the water. Mila reacted with a "wow' as she splashed the water . Sandra sat with Autumn to encourage her to participate as she was very unsettled . Dau and Ezekaiah were not reaching the water trough so I provided them with the stepping stool, I added measuring cups and some long and short cylinders. Sandra and I encourage the Joeys to count the cups of water to fill up the cylinders. Elya had the short cylinder, she was counting with Sandra until her cylinder was full. I used my fingers to count the amount of cups of water Nathan and Hunter needed to fill up their cylinders. Elya, Hunter and Nathan were verbally counting as they fill up their cylinders. Reflections: Monday 20/2/2023: Autumn being very unsettle? Tuesday 21/2/2023: As educators we are all finding Tuesdays really hard and challenging, we are unsure of 'why every Tuesday' seems to be very hard to settle the children? the youngest Joeys are very unsettled, lots of crying and needing one-on one care. we provide the children with engaging experiences to build attachment in small groups however this seems to not be working. we have been critically thinking of our practices and engagement with the children. we know the children are still building attachment with us, however we all seem to be stressed. We will continue to reflect on ways that we can have better Tuesdays. Wednesday 23/2/2023: Today was a good day however Autumn was very unsettled throughout the day, with rain we still were able to provide the children with engaging activities throughout the day. the children were able to participate spontaneous learning such as cutting play food, extending their fine-motor skills, eye-hand coordination skills and their social interaction with their peers. With music playing in the background Sandra was able to extend this into a musical experience, she provided the children with dancing scarves which the joeys really enjoyed dancing with. I was able to link and follow up with experience after, by making rice shakers with the joeys, by using empty recycle bottle and coloured dry rice. The Joeys also enjoyed dancing with rice the shakers, we had a very good day.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 4: Children are confident and involved learners Elements: 4.1 Children develop a growth mindset and learning dispositions such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity. This learning experience allow the Joeys to use play to investigate, imagine and explore ideas in social setting.


Theorist Link: This learning experience can be linked toPiaget's theories. He believes that children need to be able to see, touch, taste, smell, move and hear the things they are learning about. This is called 'concrete learning'.


Critical Reflection: The Joeys really enjoyed this learning experience, As an educators I was able to listen carefully to children's ideas and voices and discuss with them how these ideas might be developed. letting the Joeys lead their play by letting them add in what they wanted in the water first, allow the Joeys to make their own decision. Me and Sandra were able to intentional teach the joeys through verbal interaction, and I was also able to provide the Joeys with resources that offer challenge, intrigue and surprise, support their investigations and share their enjoyment. Benefits of water play: Water play builds strength, balance and coordination as children splash, fill objects, pour and lift as the water adds resilience to their play. Water play promotes sharing, interacting, turn taking and communication skills. Water play provides children with endless learning experiences like experimenting with cause and effect, volume, measurement, capacity and water displacement. Children are able to use their imagination to create their own play with water, adding their own choice of objects to the water and create their own games. Follow Up: Sensory ice play

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