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Connections to Land - 30th May 2023

Planned:I gathered the children for group time this morning and explained that it was reconciliation week. We spoke about how this means we need to recognise that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders were living here before us, and we are reconciling what happened in the past and making amends. I then explained how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have connections to the land. I then displayed a video called 'Who We Are: Country/Place', which had Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people talking about their connection to their land and the places that make them happy. After the video, I asked the children, "Can anyone tell me a place that they love and that makes them feel happy?" Eddie said, "Home" because he gets to play with Lego. Laye said, "Home" because he likes playing. Asna said, "My new house". The rest of the children didn't participate, so Kelly asked some prompt questions and explained how sometimes there are places that you might go with your family that make you feel happy such as the beach. Eddie added that he likes visiting his Grandma's house because that's where his dad grew up. Evie also said, "Home" is a place she loves, and Kelly asked, "Who is at home?" and she said, "Mummy, daddy and chubby". I then explained that they could draw their favourite place and tell me why it is their favourite place. Eddie and Asna came over to do their drawing first. When Eddie was done, I asked, "What place did you draw?" Eddie said, "My home". I then asked, "Why do you love your home?" Eddie said, "I like being at home because I get to play with all my Legos and build on mummy's phone. And I like connecting the Lego with Lego. I also get to be with my brother". I then pointed to his drawing and asked what each picture was. He said, "His home, the beach, because I like being at the beach, and this is the green tea and strawberry mochi". When Asna finished, I asked her the same questions. She said she drew "The beach because I went to the beach with my mummy and me and my Aunty Tita and my daddy". Laye and Nyiel were next. Laye said he drew "The beach because I like doing castles". I asked him who was in his picture, and he said, "Mummy, Daddy, Uncle, Me, Adbul, Aunty, Tata and Nia". Nyiel said she drew "My home because I have my iPad and because I have my sister and my brother". Pilar and Mun were the last to draw their favourite place. Pilar did not draw a place, but she did draw her mummy and a party. Mun drew his "House because I play with toys in my house".

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world Elements: 2.2 Children respond to diversity with respect. This experience allowed the children to respond to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and their culture with respect.


Lev Vygotsky: This learning experience can be linked to Vygotsky's theories. He believes that working with adults and more skilled peers is essential for children to acquire the ways of thinking, knowing and behaving that can make up a community's culture.


Critical Reflection:This experience was difficult to conduct as the information was difficult for children to understand. The educators explained the connections to the land in different ways to prompt responses from children and gain an understanding of whether they knew the concept. In the future, I would incorporate books to help get the message across to children. Follow Up: Read the 'Day Break' book at group time.

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