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Counting colours and singing songs - 22nd November 2022

Spontaneous: For group time today we started by singing songs with visual prompts. We sung "if you're happy and you know it" followed by sad and angry. Massa held up cards of animated faces expressing these emotions. Autumn clapped her hands. Nathan pretended to cry and put his hands into fists for being angry. He found this funny and began to laugh and fall back. Tilly did the same as Nathan and found this funny too. Elya scrunched up her face as well. Next we moved onto colours and numbers. Massa drew different coloured circles in 1, 2, 3, 4 &5. Nathan said "Massa drawing balls". We asked the children what colour the first one is. Annalise said purple. Samara said 1. No one shouted out brown for number two so we helped them with this. Nathan shouted orange. Marlee also knew this. Hunter and Elya said yellow. We asked the children to hold up 4 fingers. Marlee did this well. Nathan held up 3 on each hand. For 5, Annalise pointed and said five green. Elliot, Lucas and Dylanjot wasn't really interested in this group time.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 5: Children are effective communicators Elements: 5.4 Children begin to understand how symbols and pattern systems work. Children begin to make connections between patterns in their feelings, ideas, words and actions and those of others. They were able to draw on memory and complete a sequence like numbers and showing it on their hands. They listened and responded in a group setting recognising colours, numbers and emotions.


This learning experience can be linked to Piaget's theories. He believes the child is an active learner and that the child must be given opportunities to explore , discover and experiment. These principals underpin all cognitive development.


Critical Rflection: As an Educator I believe this activity was effective for the children's learning and development. Most are able to verbally identify colours and numbers. Children were able to engage in discussions and recognise symbols and patterns with numbers and emotions. As educators we provided children with these resources and encouraged their involvement in discussions. Follow up: continue to provide visuals in patterns and sequences.

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