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Elijah's Last Day - 21st September 2022

Today is Elijah's last day at Koala corner we wish Elijah and his family all the best in their new adventure. When we were playing outside Elijah chose to play on his favourite activity the bikes. He chose the bike he wanted then he hopped on it ands scooted around the yard for a while. Kylie said to Nathan it is Elijah's last day today Nathan went to Elijah and gave him a hug. After Nathan had finished giving Elijah a hug Elijah continued on his way on the bike after a short while Elijah got off the bike and started to push the pram I asked Elijah " what was he doing" he said" pram" he pushed the pram around for a while then he found a small white scoop and he picked it up and then went over to the garden and started to scoop the dirt up in it. after he was finished he went over to the half watermelon rocker and stood there for a short time then he moved away.he moved on to the staged and hunter shared his toy with Elijah and both played happy together for a while. When they had enough of that they both moved away and Elijah went over to the metal car and had a play on that and then went over to where Lucas, Hunter and Jack were. I said to the Lucas, Hunter and Jack "who is going to give Elijah a hug it is his last day" with that Jack went over to first to Elijah and gave him a hug the next Hunter gave him a hug and Finially Lucas went and gave Elijah a hug. After all the hugging was done Elijah went and played on the slippery dip. The educators and children will miss Elijah it has been a Pleasure looking after him. Goodbye and goodluck.

Link to Pedagogical Documentation

EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing Elements: 3.1 Children become strong in their social and emotional wellbeing. The children were showing each other care for each other.

Service Philosophy

We value social connections and support children as they establish and maintain relationships with their peers


Critical reflectionI was able to support children in their connections with each other and able to support children throughout their play. I was also able to engage the children in verbal communication. Follow up encourage friendships with their peers

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