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Exploring Light - 22nd February 2022

Spontaneous: This morning the Joeys were inside due to the rain, I provided the Joeys with the colour magnetic blocks which the Joeys enjoy playing with. To make their block play more interesting, I set up a light table for the children to see the colour block more in detail. Hunter was very eager to see what was happening. I encourage Hunter, Huda, Marlee, Nathan, Kavith, Elya, Isaiah, Jack, Lucas, Pilar to all sit down so they all can have a turn putting the blocks on the light table. Elijah was involved in an on-looker play with Kylie. Aarvi was happy to participate by just watching her peers play. Nathan showed kindness by making space for Aariv to sit. I acknowledge Nathan kindness by offering Nathan more blocks to put on the light table to explore the light table more Kylie went into the possum's room and found Animals X-rays. The Joeys were excited to explore the animals X-rays. we saw an X-rays of dinosaurs, snakes, birds, frogs and fish. Kylie and I talked about animals bones, with the Joeys, we encouraged the children to see the difference when holding the X-rays in their hands and on the light and also we encouraged them to say the animal's names. To link our room project to the experience, I provide the children with the insects, the children were able to put the insect on the light, looking at the insects on the light table. After lunch, we offered Joey's flashlights and turned off the room lights. The Joeys went around the room pointing their flashlights at things in the room.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 4: Children are confident and involved learners Elements: 4.1 Children develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity. Children in this learning experience were curious and enthusiastic participants in their learning and they were also able to use play to investigate, imagine and explore ideas.


This learning experience can be linked to Piaget's theories. He believes the child is an active learner and that the child must be given opportunities to explore, discover and experiment. These principals underpin all cognitive development.


Critical reflection: The Joeys enjoyed these learning experiences that were provided today, it was a very engaging experience . We were able to intentionally scaffold children's involvement and learning, providing learning environments that are flexible and open-ended. We were able to provide the Joeys with resources that offer challenge, intrigue and surprise to support their play and share their enjoyment. The Joeys got excited when exploring something new with them. I was able to respond to children's displays of learning dispositions by commenting on them and providing encouragement. Liking the experiences provide opportunities for children to revisit their ideas and extend their thinking. It was challenging to supervise a large group of children, next time doing a smaller group will provide more learning opportunities. Follow Up: more light table experiences e.g, leaves

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