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Exploring Our New Space - 17th June 2023

Spontaneous: The children are adjusting to their new room, and many things had to be rewashed before we could use them. This meant that there were fewer resources than usual to play with. However, the children worked well alongside each other. Sean, Huda and Annalise started using the magnetic tiles to construct. Sean said, "I'm making a big house and here is the roof." Huda said, "This my house too." Annalise replied, "I'm not making a house. I'm making pizza." Huda said, "Mine keeps falling down. I need help". Soon other children came over, and with support and guidance, they worked together to build the house. Nathan wanted to play as well. I encouraged him to ask Tilly if he could help her. Nathan asked, "Can I help, Tilly?" Tilly replied, "More". They began building and rebuilding the construction together for an extended period of time. Nathan said, "Now we finished." The building then fell to the floor, and they all began to rebuild again. Seeing the children resettle and work cooperatively with their favourite magnetic construction toys was lovely. It was beautiful teamwork. Kavith, Lucas and Carter deconstructed Tilly and Nathan's work as they left. They negotiated and recreated a new construction sharing their ideas and thoughts. Adrianna, Pilar, Asna and Dakoda enjoyed playing with the play dough and creating different things.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 5: Children are effective communicators Elements: 5.1 Children interact verbally and non-verbally with others for a range of purposes. Children engage and learn from each other and build on their social learning and problem-solving experience as they play together and share resources. Educators' support and guidance in small group play is essential to make language and assist negotiation.


This learning experience can be linked to Smilanski's theories. Smilanski believes that children develop and thrive in social settings and that the interactions between a child and their peers contribute to their creativity and intellectual growth.


Critical Reflection: The children enjoyed playing collaboratively with each other. The educators prompted and encouraged the children throughout their play. Follow Up: Playing with new toys.

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