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Exploring possum yard - 17th January 2022

Spontaneous:This morning the weather was good and Joeys room children combined with the possum room children for a morning play. The Joeys started to explore the possum yard with excitement. Yvette (educator) got the red water trough and then got the hose and poured water in the trough. Nathan and Hunter straight away went into the trough. Nathan went to the sand pit and got some cups and truck and took it to the trough. Hunter followed Nathan and a got a watering can, filled the watering can with water using a cup. After filling the watering can he started to pour the water on the floor. I redirected him and guided him to near by plants and helped him to water the plants. Hunter got excited and started to water the plants by himself. When Nathan was still in the trough Elijah came and joined with Nathan. Elijah was happy sitting outside the trough and playing with water using the cups and bowls. Jack was confident and happy to play on the slide. He kept repeating going on the slide again and again with a big smile on his face. Lucas chose to use the boxing bag . He went and picked up the boxing gloves and tried to put on his hand. When he couldn't do it himself, he looked at me. I asked Lucas, "Do you need some help Lucas?". He nodded his head. I helped him to put the boxing gloves on both hands and he went and did punches on the punching bag. Pilar and Marlee settled well in the sandpit. Pilar filled the cookie tray with sand using a measuring cup. When I asked Pilar what she was making she looked at me and smiled. I asked Pilar again "are you making cookies Pilar?", she nodded her head with a smile again. Marlee helped herself by picking a truck and stared to fill the truck with sand using her hands. After filling the truck with sand Marlee was busy moving the truck forward and backwards. Elya, Huda and Kavith were excited to play with construction blocks. They had a shared play experience sitting next to each other. They played well following their own ideas in constructing the blocks. After having fun in the Possum yard the children returned to the Joey's yard for nappy change, group time and lunch.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 1: Children have a strong sense of identity Elements: 1.1 Children feel safe, secure, and supported. The children settled well this morning and explored their own ideas while sharing and caring for each other.


This learning experience can be linked to Bowlby's theories. He believes that children who have strong positive attachments to familiar caregivers use them as a safe base which to explore the environments.


Critical Reflection: I encouraged and supported children throughout the play. I was able to do some intentional teaching by asking questions to children related to their play experience. I also guided and scaffolded them in their play. The children had free play and had a choice to choose from different play experiences which helped them to explore their own interests and ideas. Follow up: More free play activities for children.

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