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Fine Motor Skills - 8th June 2022

On the table this morning we put out some playdough to let the children explore and use their imagination. And to its word I found a group of children sitting with the dough. I came over and sat down next to the children and observed their play. Firstly I noticed Tilly moulding her dough and watching her peers. Lucas had hold of two lots of playdough so I incouraged him to hand some over to Jack who eagerly took the dough. The two boys then looked at each other then gave out a big laugh. Hunter and Elya heard the laughter and came over to join the table. Elya picked up the dough and handed it to me saying ball, ball so I moulded the dough into a shape of a ball and handed it back. Elya then rolled the ball saying ball, ball. Hunter noticed some paddle pop sticks and immedently put them into the dough. I looked over and said "look ,Hunter you made your birthday cake and then proceeded to sing happy birthday to him. Hunter smiled then all of a sudden the children joined in with the sing a long. Sean was standing back watching at first then he also joined in the play.

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EYLF Practices and Principles

Practices: 5. Learning environments Principles: 5. Ongoing learning and reflective practice By providing friendly and open learning environments we are able to let the children explore their imagination and creativity side in their play.


This learning experience can be linked to Piaget's theories. He believes that children need to be able to see, touch, taste, smell, move and hear the things they are learning about. This is called concrete learning.


Critical Reflection: By putting out some playdough this morning I extended the children's concentration skills, and I was also able to scaffold the children to help them with their sharing skills. It also allowed the children to use their imagination. Follow up: Birthday Cake songs and story.

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