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Five little ducks and counting - 1st August 2022

Spontaneous For group time today, I got out the five little duck pictures and a blackboard with yellow chalk. The Joeys were encouraged to sit together for group time. Hunter was very eager to see what I was holding, I showed the Joeys the five little ducks pictures, and I asked if they know a song about ducks. Pilar began to clap her hands, I asked the Joeys to show me their five little fingers, Sean, Nathan, Kavith, Lucas, Marlee and Aladeng all showed me their fingers. I held the duck's pictures in order from one to five. I encouraged the children to count the duck with me, Elijah and Tilly try their very best to repeat the number after me, as we sang the song, Autumn and Ezekaiah were intrigued, as I took away the ducks I able was to encourage the children to count with me to see how ducks are left, asking the Joeys what 'Mama ducks say', Marlee, Hunter and Pilar were great at saying mama duck said 'quack, quack' when we go to the last duck, I asked the Joeys how many ducks are left. , Lucas happily said 'one', showing me his pointy finger, next, I wrote one on the blackboard with the yellow chalk and asked them 'what can they see' Nathan said 'one', holding up his pointy finger, as I continue to write the numbers sequence on the board Nathan was wonderful at saying the number from one to five.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 5: Children are effective communicators Elements: 5.1 Children interact verbally and non-verbally with others for a range of purposes. Children in this learning experience were able to use language to learn about number sequencing through songs


This learning experience can be linked to Piaget's theories, he believes that children are active learners and they must be given the opportunities to explore, discover and experiment.


Critical Reflection: As an educator, I was able to provide intentional teaching and scaffold the children's learning by helping them to learn different mathematical concepts, such as addition subtraction, backward counting, rhyming and more or less This activity also extended their expressive language skills by being able to repeat the number after the educators. Extending their social skills through group interactions. I was able to recognize and value children's involvement in learning. linking the children's learning encourages the children to be engaged in their learning and interest I was also able to provide the Joeys with visual resources that offer challenge, intrigue and surprise, support their learning and share their enjoyment. Follow-up learning counting songs

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