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Half Yearly Summary - June 2021

Assessment of Learning

Hunter is a happy little boy who has just turned one and he has built secure attachments with all educators. Hunter likes to explore both indoor and outdoor environments with energy and enthusiasm. He has started to climb on the steps without help but still needs help to go on the slide. He likes playing on the obstacle course. Hunter crawls and stand up holding objects. Hunter is able to stand up holding on to the play stroller and he will push it along holding on. Hunter doesn't like being alone. He likes being with children and educators. Hunter likes listening to songs and music. Hunter is interested in playing with blocks. He also enjoys playing in home corner. Hunter loves his food but not a fan of fruits. Hunter is the enter of attention for possum room children and he likes playing along with all age group children.

Inernational Teaching / Goals / What's Next

Outcome 1: Hunter to sense and respond to a feeling of belonging. Outcome 2: Hunter to explore the outdoor play equipments. Outcome 3: Hunter to enjoy moments of solitude. Outcome 4: Hunter to able to stand on his own feet. Outcome 5: Hunter to listen and enjoy music and group times.

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