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Hand painting NAIDOC WEEK - 6th July 2021

Planned event:

Today we are continuing on celebrating "NAIDOC WEEK" in our Joeys room. Today educators Kat, Sandra and I worked together on an idea for an activity to help the Joeys awareness of the aboriginal colours. I found a book on how they celebrate by body and hand painting during their festivals. Kat come up with the idea of hand painting and Sandra said we can display them in the room to help the children see the colours and what they represent. I found some aboriginal inspiration to set up our activity table. I first gathered some children they would like to participate and read the story "Festivals". I explained the pictures of the Aboriginal people with the hand painting and body art as they displaying in the book. I asked the children to show me their hand and guided them through the hand painting. Caleb was able to identify the colours "red and black" he said. Jack was amazed to look at his hand painted and how it made a picture on the paper. Hunter also enjoyed the sensory feeling of the paint. Brian was very eager to come have a turn and was saying "mine" as he was looking and trying to grab the paint. I supported Brian with his hand painting, he shared enjoyment with smiles and laughter. Jude and Caleb were waiting very patiently for their turn. I asked them if they could see the paintings in the book on the Aboriginal man and what they were? Caleb replied "hands!". Jude put his hand out to be painted and also was very interested to see how his hand looked after the painting and was looking back at the pictures in the book. Once the children who wanted to participate in this activity were finished I left the table set up with the book. Nyiel and Caleb come over to the table to look through the pictures and I read the story again.

Link to Pedagogical Documentation

EYLF Outcomes


1: Children have a strong sense of identity Elements: 1.3 Children develop knowledgeable and confident self identities. The children were engaging with thier sense of identity through the hand painting activity. The children were showing an interest of how thier hands look compare to the ones in the book. The children were becoming more confident in learning about thier self identity and others through this craft activity.

EYLF Practices and Principles

Practices: 6. Cultural competence Principles: 4. Respect for diversity

The children were participating in a Cultrual learning experince in relation to celerbrating "NAIDOC WEEK". The children were able to identify the colours they could see and the picutres of the hand paintings in the book. The children are learning about Diversity through actively engaging in cultural celebrations.


Critical reflection: Educators provided a meaningful and engaging learning experience for the children in celebrating "NAIDOC WEEK". I supported the children's learning through role modeling and explaining what and why we are doing the hand paintings today. I encouraged the children to look the story and see the pictures that represent what we are creating together. I believe this went very well and we are working towards the children further thier understadning of "NAIDOC WEEK" and the way Aboringal people celebrate through hand painting. Follow up: Continue to celerbrate NAIDOC WEEK

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