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Harmony Day Experiences - 21st March 2023

Planned Event - Harmony week celebration: Today the children had so much fun. I started the day of with some craft people, cut out stickers and accessories. I then called over Elya and Nathan, we sat down and on the table I put out the people and the cut outs. I said to Elya which person is you. She pointed out the darker of the two people where as Nathan chose the other. Elya then said I want this one picking the yellow dress up, she then noticed the yellow love heart sunglasses, well of course they were a must then to add more bling she put two love hearts onto the dress and then said I want black hair. Elya was very proud of her person showing everyone and then yelling out look at me with a wiggle. Nathan said "MM" this one picking up the red shorts and red shirt. He then said "need shoes Sandra" so I quickly found some. Nathan was particular on how he put his pieces together. Hunter came running over saying "me, me" and then sitting himself down. Hunter chose the blue shirt and pants he then picked up the yellow glasses and said mine as he put them on. Autumn was watching and waiting the whole time and when it was time she jumped straight into the seat for her turn. she did need some help but was so happy with the end result. Ayaan was also an onlooker so I decided to when it was quite bring over the pieces for him to have a turn. Ayaan stuck his piece on and off not quite sure what to do but did really well. Ezekaiah was too funny, he went to put the stickers on the person but they kept sticking to his fingers so he wasn't really sure about that one, looking at me then back at the sticker. Elliot loved doing his putting the stickers anywhere he wanted but was not happy when it was time to finish wanting to do more and more. For group time the children sat down while Massa read a story about how we are all alike but we are all different. The children loved having turns picking out the faces that they thought looked like themselves. Ayiik was funny he kept jumping in and out of the group then he would sit for a period before running off again. After lunch I had promised the older children they could cut up some fruit that I had purchased for them. I handed out the children a plate each and then the fruit. Then I gave them each a child friendly knife that can only cut soft fruit not hands. The children loved this experience cutting up their fruit then eating it up. I loved watching the children's expressions on their face as they cut each piece slicing and dicing and then talking to each other about which piece they would cut up next.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world Elements: 2.1 Children develop a sense of connectedness to groups and communities and an understanding of their reciprocal rights and responsibilities as active and informed citizens. I provided children with opportunities to take apart materials as a strategy for learning.


This learning experience can be linked to Dewey's theories. He believes that the education of young children is child-centered, active and interactive. Education should also reflect the child's interests and backgrounds and that their social and cultural worlds are important,


Critical Reflection: I planned experiences and provide resources that broaden children's perspectives and encourage appreciation of diversity, including family diversity, cultural and linguistic diversity. Follow up: Flower and instrumental music.

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