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Harmony week (sharing SENSE OF IDENTITY) - 22nd March 2023

Planned Events (Harmony week): As we continue celebrating Harmony Week, today the Joeys were provided with different learning activities and experiences. Elya came and asked Sandra to do a painting activity. Sandra provided Elya, Hunter, Nathan, Autumn, Elliot and Tilly with different color paints of their choice, paint brushes and paper. Sandra encouraged the children to paint beautiful flowers as we are also acknowledging and celebrating international Flower day. After the morning nappies changes, I encouraged the Joeys to sit with me on the mat to explore different emotions . Hunter was very excited for this learning experience; I showed the Joeys the different emotions through demonstrations. Elya, Hunter and Nathan were very responsive, they were able to use their tone of voice and facial expression to express the emotions. For our group time experience today, I was able to share, material and cooking utensils from my culture with the Children. The Joeys sat with me, I was able Show and explain to the Joeys what each material were made of what they are used for, for example, the little cooking stick is use for mixing different food, we use it as a 'whisk'. The Joeys had fun spinning it around using both hands. I showed the shoes which is made of out cow skin and is handmade, wooden comb and wooden spoon. Sandra brought in a beautiful Sulu from Fiji to share with children and educators. Sandra explained and demonstrated to the children and educators how to tie the 'Sulu', I used mine as a head wrap. The joeys wanted to have a turn, Sandra and I wrapped the sulu around Elya, Hunter, Tilly and Nathan head. Elya was very happy to show her brother her head warp. After lunch the Joey's were able to explore different musical instrument with Sandra and Kavitha. Elisha was given a coconut shaker, Elisha enjoyed shaking the shaker with the help of Kavitha. Ezekaiah was very interested in ......???, that he refused to share with other children to have a turn. Dylan jot enjoyed making sounds with drums with his peers.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 1: Children have a strong sense of identity Elements: 1.4 Children learn to interact in relations to other with care, empathy and respect. Children in this learning experience were able to display awareness and respect for diverse worlds, e.g., culture, family structure, capabilities and strengths.


Theorists This learning experience can be linked to Dewey's theories. He believes that the education of young children is child-centered, active and interactive. Education should also reflect the child's interests and backgrounds and that their social and cultural worlds are important.


Critical Reflection: Today was a great day, the children were very engaged in all the planed experiences and activities. As we continue celebrating Harmony Week, I would love for our families to share their culture with educators and children, this will encourage and support children SENSE OF IDENTITY. Follow Up: Harmony week activities.

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