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Home corner and Baby doll play - 21st July 2022

Spontaneous: Today it was raining and the Joey spent playtime inside. Lucas and Gabby chose to play in home corner. I asked the children what they were doing. I said to Lucas "are you making fruit salad" Lucas replied" yes' and smiled. I asked gabby the same question and gabby replied" soup" both the children continued to play and then Jayden came over to join in the play. Jayden picked up the teapot and tipped it up pretending to pour it into the bowl. After Jayden had finished she placed the teapot down and Aarvi came over and picked it up then picked up a cup and poured the liquid into the cup . Hunter also came over to join in the play, he found a plastic metal teapot and he picked it up and took it over to the microwave and placed the teapot into the microwave. Whilst the children were playing in home corner Elya came over and picked up a doll and placed it in the high chair, then Elya picked up a cup and a spoon and went back over to the doll in the high chair and pretend to feed the doll. Once Elya had finished feeding the doll then she placed the baby doll into a bath tub and gave the doll a bath. Aarvi moved from home corner over to playing with the dolls. She could see what Elya was doing so she decided that she would get a doll and a bath tub and give her doll a bath whilst she was bathing her doll. Lucas came over to help her give her doll a bath. As Elya was bathing her doll Elliot came over to help her give the doll a bath. Abuk and Gabby waited their turn and once the children were finished with the bath tubs both the girls went and got a doll and a bath tub and sat down and gave their dolls a bath. An educator got out a pram and Pilar had a turn first and she placed the doll in the pram with help from an educator and wheeled the doll around the room. Kavitha (educator)found some small bottles and gave them to the children to feed their dolls. Hunter, Elya, Abuk, Pilar, Jayden, Elliot, Aarvi and Gabby all got a doll and started to feed the dolls with a bottle. To make it more realistic Kavitha and Kylie decided to put milk in the bottles for the children and they all feed their babies a bottle of milk. The lids were done up tight so no milk could come out and spill. Once the children had finished feeding their dolls the educators collected the bottles and the children helped pack away ad we went outside for a little run when it stopped raining.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 1: Children have a strong sense of identity Elements: 1.2 Children develop their emerging autonomy, inter-dependence, resilience and sense of agency. The children were able to use the skills they have learned in real life and adapt them to role play at day care.


John Dewey - He believed that children need to interact with other people, work both alone and cooperatively with their peers and adults. Education should also reflect the child's interests and backgrounds and that their social and cultural worlds are important


Critical ReflectionAs an educator it was nice to see the children engage in the same activity. I was able to scaffold the children's learning by adding realistic materials to their play. It allowed for the children to use their imaginations and adapt what they have learned and seen in the outside world and be able to use it in role playing at day care. It was also a valuable experience in engaging with the children verbally and encoraging them to think about what they were making in home corner. Follow up More doll play and add a few more prams and strollers

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