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Hunters Workout - 18th March 2024

During the course of the afternoon Hunter picked up two of the wooden blocks and asking for my attention demonstrated what he could do with them in combination with his muscles.

“Look Mary what I can do “.

He had held the arched blocks by the top and began lifting them one at a time in the air. Then checking them both with a glance he lifted both blocks at once. He attempted to raise them level with his shoulders and being successful for the most part was delighted with his ‘strong’ abilities. Hunter continued for a length of time doing his ‘workout’.

Analysis of learning:

Hunter engaged in his own choice of play using the blocks. He delighted in sharing his new found ability with his educators, demonstrating his ability to raise them like a weightlifter.

Where to from here?

To continue to provide opportunities for Hunter to make his own choices of play.

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