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International Olympic day - 23rd June 2022

Today was International Olympic Day so we thought we would celebrate it with the children by setting up some fun activities. We started with a fun obstacle course where children had to go around the cones without touching them and carrying a bean bag on their heads. Educators demonstrated each activity and the children followed their instructions. Some of the children found it challenging having the bean bag as it kept on falling when they looked down to watch where they were going. Some of the Joey's such as Hunter, Nathan, Pilar, Elijah, Abuk, Aarvi, Elliot, Gabby, Jayden, and Lucas also had a turn without the beam bag. We also encouraged Kavith but he was happy to just watch. The next activity was the long jump and the children got to run towards the sandpit and jump to see who could jump the furthest. Then we did bean bag throwing, balancing stilts race, Ping-Pong ball throwing into a bucket, alphabet jumping and finally, running races. Once we finished the races, the children helped finish making the Olympic gold medals. These medals contained the five rings of the Olympics and Maryanne researched to see what the rings represented and we discovered that they represent the five continents that participate in the Olympics which are Oceania, America, Africa, Asia and Europe and the children learnt that Australia belongs to Oceania. The medals were ready and the children stood next to the sandstone wall waiting for their medals. We played the Australian Anthem before handing out the medals and we explained to the children that in the Olympics when an Australian wins the Gold medal, this is the song they play before they get their medal. We asked the children if they have ever heard this song and they responded "No". After the Anthem, Maryanne played the song, "I am Australian" in Yawuru language and some of the children said, "I heard this song before". Once it finished, they asked to play it again and tried to sing along.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing Elements: 3.2 Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing. This activity allowed the Possum's and Joey's to use and strengthen their gross and fine motor skills as well as balancing skills to achieve complex movements. They also showed enthusiasm when participating in these physical activities.


Mildred Parten Parten's theory focuses on social play and its development, the ability to join groups of other children and the desire to do so begins at an early age and progresses through a developmental sequence. Parten focused on the different types of social play. In her research, she discovered that children of different ages actually played together differently. They were capable of different levels or categories of social play.


Critical reflection: This activity was a spontaneous activity, we heard on the early news that it was International Olympic day and we decided it would be a good opportunity to teach children about the Olympics through play. This activity will help children develop their gross motor skills, balance skills, turn taking skills, listening skills, ability to follow instructions and cognitive skills.This activity went well but maybe I could of used it to be more inclusive by having the children to represent a country such as their background and carrying their flag. Follow up: Celebrate commonwealth Olympics in July

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