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Magnet building - 28th July 2021

This morning we brought out some magnets for the children to enjoy outside in the sunshine we sat our little children on the stage alongside of the magnets the colours seemed to attact Adelaide, Pilar, Mun, Abuk and Hunter as they kept picking them up joining them together even though they weren't 100% sure of what to do with them, they tried stacking them, laying them flat or throwing them down to hear what they sounded like. Pilar saw the triangle I built and carefully pulled it apart and laughed at me and said "oh, oh", the children all really seemed to enjoy what they were doing and liked smiling for the camera.

Emilia came over and was lining them all up and I asked her what all the colours were she replied "orange, blue, yellow, red and green." She looked at all the different shapes so I pointed to them and asked what they were she said, "square and triangle" and then said, "looks it's E for Emilia." Emilia soon began to put triangles together and I said, "what is it?" and she said, "it's a pizza with pepperoni."

Novia came and sat down and built a little cube and said, "I'm making my mummy's house and me daddy and Nathan live there." Mun and Achol came over and started exploring the magnets together without talking just quietly building and soon after Achol hands me something and says, "look I made you a pizza." Winnie came over and made a giant line out of the magnets, Mikaere came over and stacked them all back up and started to make his own shapes. Pico walks over proudly showing me her tower that she had made getting so excited but then she wanted to build a train track with the magnets.

Once the children lost interest Massa decided to take it to a new spot in the sun and Hunter, Michael and Alex joined her. They stacked the blocks in colour and shape order then began to build a tower using only one colour per row while adding triangles as points on top.

Link to Pedagogical Documentation

EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 4: Children are confident and involved learners Elements: 4.1 Children develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity. The children were really curious and using creative thoughts in their activity today.


This activity can be linked to Piaget theory, he believes that children need to be able to see, touch, move and hear the things they are learning about, it is called 'concrete learning.'


Critical reflection: As an educator I engaged with each of the children helping/encouraging them, to work on their fine motor and social skills, it was really engaging activity and a great chance for the children to have something different outside. I used open-ended questions and was engaged with the children having conversations about what they were making. Follow up: set up more small play experiences outside.

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