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Making a friendship flower - 20th March 2023

Planned activity - Harmony week:This week we are celebrating Harmony week at Koala corner. Today Sandra (educator) planned to do a friendship flower with children. Sandra cut the petals of the flower for children to do some stamping and colouring. She also made a circle with an orange colour paper for the middle of the flower. The children took turns in colouring the petals. The children also chose the colours. Elya - pink, Hunter - pink and orange, Mila- blue, Nathan - orange, Ezekaiah- green, Jayla - orange, Natalia - pink, Shalini - blue, Autumn- green, Dylan - blue and Aladeng - pink. Once the children coloured the petals Hunter and Nathan helped me to stick the petals to the orange circle. The children exercised in turn taking and sharing. During group time the educators read a book called 'children of the world'. All children listened to the book with interest.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world Elements: 2.2 Children respond to diversity with respect. The children were involved in Harmony week activities in the process of learning to respond to diversity with respect.


This learning experience can be linked to Brofenbrenner's theories. He believes that we need to reflect the needs and expectation of the society, culture and community in which our children live.


Critical Reflection: Sandra planned and initiated the activity. Then I helped Sandra to complete the activity. The older children were able to name the colours and were able to draw or stamp by themselves without any help. But the babies needed help and encouragement to complete the activity. Follow Up: Continue with the Harmony week activities.

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