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Making A Volcano Author - 15th February 2023

Today we Made a volcano around Hunter interest in volcanoes. Kavitha went and got a tub of sand with the help of Nathan, Hunter and Elya. They brought it back into the joeys yard and placed it on the ground. Kylie went over and got it and placed it on a table and said to the children who wants to make a volcano Elya and Nathan came running over to the table and Kylie said to Hunter "do you want to make a volcano" Hunter came over to the table saying "Canó". I placed a small jug in the middle of the sand and Elliot, Aiiyk, Estelle, Dylan jot and Autumn also came over to join in and they all helped to make the volcano by building up the sand around the jug. Aiiyk was more interested in playing with the sand. Once it was built up enough Kylie asked the children if they wanted some red colouring in it and Hunter, Elya and Nathan said "yes" So Hunter helped put the red colouring into the jug and then Elya helped to place the bicarbonate soda in the jug. I held the vinegar up and told the children to watch what happens as I poured the vinegar in it bubbled up and Hunter, Elya and Nathan said "wow" Estelle, Autumn, Elliot, Dylan jot and Aiiyk all looked on in amazement. I was talking to the children about what reaction was happening I said it was bubbling. Once the bubbles had stopped Hunter said more so we put more bicarbonate and vinegar so the children could watch it again. The children kept saying more until it no longer was working. Then Hunter poured the mixture into the sand it was bubbling on the sand I said to the children look it is still bubbling on the sand. The children then got their hands and mix it all together. After a short while I asked Nathan, Hunter and Elya if they wanted to see some real volcanoes. So I you tubed some volcanoes and Hunter said "volcano" along with Nathan and Elya the three children were really interested in watching the video. We talked about the volcano and how it made lava. After it was finished the children went off to play.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 4: Children are confident and involved learners Elements: 4.1 Children develop a growth mindset and learning dispositions such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity. The children were learning how to make a volcano and how volcanoes made lava

Service Philosophy

We are responsive to the interest and abilities of all children.


Critical reflectionAs the educator it was a great experience to be engaged in with the children there were lots of intentional teaching moments. I was able to describe how we were making the volcano and how volcanoes made lava. There was lots of communication and language being used through out the experience. Follow up Make more volcanoes out of paper mache and add dinosaurs

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