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Making Volcanoes! 9th May 2022

This morning while I was sitting in the sandpit with a few children, Tevita told me he was making a volcano with the sand and his hands. I asked Tevita, "Do you want to make a volcano with lava?" and he said, "Yes". Pico, Allure and Dakoda were also with him and were very excited to make the volcano. I grabbed some bicarbonate soda, vinegar and a small science tube and took it to the sand pit. I asked Tevita if he could dig a hole for the science tube to go in, so he began digging and Allure joined in and helped him. Once the hole was dug, I put the science tube into the hole and began pushing the sand up around it to create a volcano shape without covering the opening of the science tube. As I was setting up, Pico asked, "How are we going to make a volcano?", "I think it's going to make a big mess" and "Volcanoes rumble and tremble until they make a big mess". More children came and sat around the sandpit to watch and participate in the experiment. I then explained that I was going to put bicarbonate soda and vinegar into the science tube to create the lava. I poured a little bit of pink food colouring into the tube and then poured some bicarbonate soda into a measuring cup and gave it to Tevita to pour into the tube. I then did the same with the vinegar except Pico poured the vinegar in. The chemical reaction began and the vinegar and bicarbonate soda bubbled out of the tube to create lava from the volcano. The children were very excited and Tevita said, "It's getting bigger and bigger". Kylie asked the children, "What comes out of the volcano?" and Pico said, "Lava". I then decided to grab a bigger container, so I took out a paint pot with an open lid instead, while Allure and Tevita dug another hole. When I came back out Tevita said, "Let's make another one", "We're ready". We did the experiment a few more times and Alex, Hunter, Daphne, Dakoda, Laye, and Nyiel all had a go at pouring some of the ingredients into the tube, while everyone else watched the process and outcome. Hunter was very curious and watched the bubbles come out and waited until it had settled down. Laye got very excited when he saw all the bubbles come out and wanted to do it over and over again.

Link to Pedagogical Documentation

EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 4: Children are confident and involved learners Elements: 4.2 Children develop a range of skills and processes such as problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating. This experience allowed the children to experiment and explore cause and effect as they think about and watch what happens when we mix the two ingredients together.

Outcomes: 5: Children are effective communicators Elements: 5.1 Children interact verbally and non-verbally with others for a range of purposes. The children were critically thinking and sharing their ideas and thoughts verbally to each other about what was happening. This allows the children to further develop their language and communication skills.


This learning experience can be linked to Rogoff's theories. She believes that adults have a role in guiding children's learning and that language is important for children's learning.


Critical Reflection: this experience was child initiated and went really well. The children enjoyed exploring volcanoes and getting involved in the experiment. The educators were able to extend on the children's interest and engage the children in this experience while supervising. Follow Up: continue to conduct different experiments.

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