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Massa's Birthday - 15th June 2022

Planned: We celebrated Massa's birthday today at the Centre. The Possums and Joeys joined with the educators to celebrate Massa's birthday. Kylie made lovely colourful cake for Massa. Children were excited on seeing the birthday cake. The children said "wow, yummy" on seeing the big colourful cake. Massa got nice birthday gifts too. Hunter handed over the gifts to Massa. Massa got winter shoes, winter pajamas and lip gloss as her birthday gifts. We all sang the birthday song together. After the birthday celebration the Joeys and Possums engaged themselves in various activities set in the Possums yard by the educators. The children enjoyed the quiet activities like painting, play dough play, playing with magnetic blocks, sandpit play and Lego. They also enjoyed physical play like ball games, playing on the slide and riding bikes. Some children organised their own game and played hide-and-seek game. After play activities the children had 11:00 am group time and had lunch.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 1: Children have a strong sense of identity Elements: 1.4 Children learn to interact in relation to others with care, empathy and respect. The children and educators enjoyed the birthday celebration. At Koala corner we care for each other and respect others for who they are.


This learning experience can be linked to Steiner's theories. He believes that providing real life tasks for children gives them a sense of belonging and connectedness.


Critical Reflection: The educators organised and celebrate children's and educators birthday. The educators set various activities at the yard for the children to engage and explore. The children exercised both fine motor skill activities and gross motor skill activities. Follow up: More birthday celebration for children and educators

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