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Milk Experiment - 3rd March 2022

Spontaneous: STEAM - Science Experiment Today, it was continuously raining. The children played indoors. I planned a science experiment with milk and food colouring. I collected the resources for the experiment: milk, food colours (green, red and yellow), bowls, dishwashing liquid and earbuds. I placed them on the table. We only had a few children today, So I wanted to do this activity one-on-one with children. That will provide me with the opportunity to have conversations with children. Pilar joined with me first. I poured some milk into a bowl and added food colours. Then I dipped an earbud into the dishwashing liquid. I offered the bowl and the ear bud to Pilar. I encouraged Pilar to touch the colour's in the milk with the dishwashing liquid dipped earbud. Pilar followed my instructions and did the same. The colours in the milk started to move and mixed to make different colours. It was like magic. The soap in the dishwashing liquid splits the fat in the milk, and the colours move. Pilar enjoyed it and stayed there for a while, repeating the actions. After Pilar, Nevaeh, Aarvi, Hunter and Nathan joined the table with interest and waited for their turns. Abuk, Elijah, Lucas and Elliot needed more encouragement from me to join the table and have a turn. The children enjoyed this experiment and were excited about the milk's colour changing. Through this experiment, the children had exercised fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and finger grip movements. They also waited for turns, shared resources, and professional social skills.

Link to Pedagogical Documentation

EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world Elements: 2.3 Children become aware of fairness.

Through this experience, the children exercised turn-taking skills and shared resources with their peers. Even at a young age, the children become aware of fairness.


This learning experience can be linked to Piaget's theories. He believed that children are active learners and must be given opportunities to explore, discover and experiment. These principles underpin cognitive development.


Critical Reflection: I set up this experiment as a one-on-one experience to have more time for each child and be able to encourage them and have interactions with them. As I planned, the experience went well, and I had positive interactions with them and encouraged them whenever needed.

Follow Up: More science experiments. Links to - STEAM (Science)

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