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Outdoor ball skills - 13th October 2022

Today in the Joeys room at group time we focused on the children's physical gross motor development. We particularly focused on ball skills throwing and catching. We encouraged all the children to line up in a line and then we demonstrated what we wanted the children to do. We placed the blue ball trolley against the wall and we got the children to try and throw the ball into it from a short distance away. Kavith was first in line and he was given the ball and he attempted to throw the ball into the trolley he missed on his first attempt so Sandra picked up the ball and threw it back to him he attempted to catch it then he had another turn he missed it again and then had another turn he got it in. It was Pilar's turn next to try and throw the ball in Pilar had two attempts before she moved closer and then she got it in. Next in line was Elya, before she threw it Elya moved right up close she threw it in Elya got it in first go. Sandra encouraged her to move back then Sandra threw the ball to her and gave her another turn but she missed as it was a bit too far away. It was Hunter's turn then Abuk, Tilly, Jayden, Lucas, all had a turn at throwing the ball and trying to catch the ball. Dylan wanted to watch then after when everyone had their turn Sandra threw the ball to Dylan and tried to get him to catch the ball. Ezekaiah and Jack were sitting on the mats and I gave them a ball and they rolled it with their hand Jayden also sat on mat rolling the ball around.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing Elements: 3.2 Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing. The children took part in a physical gross motor activity which most children wanted to participate in.


Piaget believed that all thought begins with physical activity in the early stages of a child's development evolving in maturity with complex abilities to manipulate mental functions that are abstract/hyperthetical.


Critical ReflectionAs the educator I was able to enhance the children's gross motor skills by encouraging the children to throw and catch the ball. I was also able to some intentional teaching by showing the children how to catch a ball. The other educators were also able to do intentional teaching by showing the children how to throw the ball into the basket.. Follow up More gross motor skills ball skills

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