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Playing with marble tower - 15th February 2022

Spontaneous: This morning when the children were playing outdoors I planned to organize a quiet experience. I got a marble tower and two different size marbles, one big and one small. I placed the marble tower on the stage where the babies used to play. On seeing the marble tower the children gathered around me with interest and excitement. Everyone wanted a turn. I placed the marble on top of the marble tower and the marble rolled down from top of the tower to the bottom. On seeing the marble moving from top to bottom the children clapped hands. The children had turns. first I gave them the small size marble to have a try. The children were excited to have a turn. Then once everyone had a turn I offered them the big size marble. The children had a turn with the big size marble. Then finally the children had a chance to play with both the marbles together. The children had fun time playing with the marbles and marble tower. Through this experience the children were able exercise their fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and social play skills by waiting for their turns and sharing the resources.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing Elements: 3.1 Children become strong in their social and emotional wellbeing. The children in this learning experience were happy to share the marbles and marble tower with their friends and were good at taking turns. Through this experience the children exercised social skills.


This learning experience can be linked to Bowlby's theories. He believes that children who have strong positive attachments to familiar caregivers use them as a safe base which to explore the environments.


Critical Reflection: When I placed the marble tower on the stage all the children gathered to have a turn. I helped them in taking turns. I helped children to try with two different sizes of marbles, big and small. Throughout the experience I had to be very mindful about the children not placing the marbles in their mouth. Once the experience was finished I had to pack away the marbles and marble tower back inside the storeroom. Follow Up: Continue activities using different resources.

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