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Rooby Roo Day - the very hungry caterpillar - 16th March 2022

Today was Rooby Roo Day and in the Joeys room we focused on the Book The very Hungry caterpillar. I set up a very hungry caterpillar game on the table and Abuk, Aarvi and Pilar came to the table and sat down Felicity explained what they had to do. The children each took a turn at turning the pictures over but they had a very short attention span and soon got up and went and did another activities. When we went outside I asked the children who wants to do some craft ,Jack, Aarvi, Pilar, Hunter and Lucas all came and sat down and waited until I came back to the table with the craft. I explained to the children we are going to make caterpillars Firstly Lucas and Nathan had a turn and I asked them to choose a coloured paddle pop stick they each chose one and placed it down in front of them on a piece of paper. I said to both children to place glue on the Paddle pop stick they both pick up a paintbrush and Lucas put the glue on the paddle pop stick and Nathan placed the glue on the paper with a bit of encouragement and guidance we managed to put glue on the paddle pop stick. I then gave them some coloured pom, poms to place on their stick Nathan thought they were better in his mouth. Lucas put the pom poms on the stick with ease. Then Hunter and Pilar had a turn, Hunter and Pilar followed the directions easily. Hunter was able to place the pom poms on the stick one after the other and when he finished he was able then to glue some eyes on. After we finished the craft I tried the matching game with the children again. Aravi, Hunter, Lucas, Everleigh and Kavith came and sat down at the table I placed some cards facing down and explained to the children what they had to do starting with Everleigh she turned two cards over and seen if they matched. After her turn it was Hunter's he turned two card over but they did not much it was Kavith turn but he just wanted to watch the other children then Lucas and Aarvi had a turn. We went around the table until the game was finished. Hunter found a matching pair and he laughed and smiled. When the game was finished we packed it away and the children went off to do other activities.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 4: Children are confident and involved learners Elements: 4.1 Children develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity. Children were able to turn- take in this experience. They were able to sit for small periods as I read them a story and sang songs.

Service Philosophy

  • Koala Corner, Philosophy, 2020.pdf

We believe children's learning is enhanced through social interactions and the engagement of our educators.


Critical Reflection:As the educator I was able to help promote the children's Literacy and Language skills by providing many opportunities for children to engage in the activities that I provided for them such as the matching game, reading books and singing songs. I was able to encourage the children's turn taking skills with the matching game while engaging children in the reading of the books to singing songs with the children. Follow up Matching games to promote turn -taking.

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