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Sensory Jelly play - 28th April 2023

Planned learning experience: For today's learning activities the older Joeys, Hunter, Elya, Aladeng, Nathan, Tilly and Mila all went to the front garden with Kavitha and Lavinia to plant Indian herds. Meanwhile, the younger Joeys stayed in the Joeys yard Sandra and myself where we provided Elisha, Jayla, Malual, Natalia, Louie, and Ezekaiah with red jelly in a large tray on a play mat. We encouraged the children to sit together to explore their sensory abilities. Elisha and Natalia were very curious as both crawled straight towards the jelly tray. Natalia and Elisha began explored the jelly by using their hands and mouth, squishing in between their hands the putting the substance in their mouths. Sandra encouraged Yuot and Malual to explore with their peers, Malual had very little interest in this messy play however was able to sit with Sandra and was engaged in onlooker play. Yuot saw Elisha and Natalia eating the Jelly so Yuot decided to eat the jelly too; Sandra and I demonstrated to the Joeys to squeeze the jelly between their finger while using their hands. I sat with Louie and placed a small amount of jelly in his hand, Louie looked at his hand and proceeded to squeeze the jelly, and then he ate the Jelly. I provided Louie with a measuring cup with Jelly in it; Louie was very interested in the cup, and he was mouthing the cup. Ezekaiah was amazed at how he was able to use the cup to make the jelly bounce by hitting the jelly with the cup. Jayla sat with me with some jelly in a blow to explore the jelly, Jayla wasn't keen to use her hand, she was more interested to drink the Jelly from the blow. The Joeys had a fabulous time exploring and learning using their senses.

Link to Pedagogical Documentation

EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing Elements: 3.2 Children become strong in their physical learning and wellbeing. Children in this learning experience were able to participate in a variety of rich and meaningful sensory-based experiencewhere they explored using their sense of touch and taste.


Theorist Link: This learning experience can be linked to Piaget's theories. He believes that children need to be able to see, touch, taste, smell, move and hear the things they are learning about. This is called 'concrete learning'.


Critical Reflection: Separating the older joeys from the younger joeys make it easier for both age group to gain more from learning activities. The younger Joey did really enjoyed this sensory activity with their peers, they were able to participate for a long period of time with their educators. The environment was claim, me and Sandra was able to have great intentional teaching moments with younger joeys through interactions and engagement. Having one-on one with joeys promote positive attachment. It was great seeing the joeys extended their sensory abilities. Follow Up: large tray sensory hand painting

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