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Shape play - 2 July 2021

This morning I had set up an activity for the children on the table when Hunter noticed the activity box and was trying to reach for it with his little hands. I picked it up and placed it on the floor, he sat himself down and pushed the lights that were on one side of the activity box. Pilar noticed Hunter playing with the lights so she decided to join him. After a while the children wanted the box to themselves but then I remembered there was an another activity box in the store room. I went over to the store room and got that activity box. I sat the two children down so they could both have a box each but of course they wanted the same toy. I noticed one of the toys had four shapes holes and shape pieces so I sat down with the children and showed them how to put the shapes into the right holes. At first Pilar wanted me to put the pieces in for her but with encouragement I was able to show her how to put them in. Then every time Pilar or Hunter got the pieces right I would say "yeah" lifting my hands up in the air. The children loved this game smiling and laughing. Then all off a sudden Hunter yelled out "Yeah" after me, this made Pilar decided to do the same with both children yelling out each time they placed the pieces in.

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EYLF Practices and Principles

Practices: 3. Learning through play Principles: 5. Ongoing learning and reflective practice Here the children were confident enough to explore and engage in this play.


This learning experienced can be linked to Smilanski's theories. Smilanski believes that children develop and thrive in social settings, and that the interactions between a child and their peers contribute to the child's development of creativity and intellectual growth.


Critical Reflection: This morning I was able to support and spend time interacting and conversing with each child. I was using my knowledge as an educator to help the children learn new skills in a simple hand and eye coordational game. Follow up: To continue to support the children in play experiences.

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