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Tea party with the Dolls - 11th April 2023

why social play is important improves social skills Having strong social skills will help young children succeed in many aspects of life. Through these interactions children learn how to work together, solve arguments amongst themselves and establish friendships. Builds confidence Social play helps to build confidence. Often when children play together there is less direct adult supervision, meaning children cannot rely on an adult to tell them what to do - instead they have to organise themselves. This offers children the chance to gain in confidence by thinking independently, taking on leadership roles and voicing their opinions. Today Sandra set up a tea party for the children she asked the children to come and sit on the mat. Sandra went and collected the dolls and a few plates and other things but Sandra could not find everything that she wanted. I asked the kids who wanted a real tea Party and Elya said "Yes"' I asked the kids to all come and sit on the round mat. Elya, Nathan, Elliot, Hunter . Tilly and Autumn all came over and sat on the round mat and they brought their dolls with them . They waited patiently while I went and got some milk in a jug and made some Jam sandwiches. Once I made the sandwiches and got the milk I took some plates and cups over to where the children were sitting and got them to sit in a circle and brought the sandwiches and milk over and sat down with the children.I gave the children a plate and a cup each and then i asked them who would like a drink of milk all the children said "me" I gave all the children some milk and then I asked them who would like a sandwich and again all the children said 'yes". While the children were eating I asked the children if they had a tea party at home. Elya, Hunter, Tilly and Nathan said "no" I said maybe you could have a tea party with mum and dad or your aunties and Uncles. During the tea party Elya was pretending to feed her doll and so was Autumn. When the children had finished they put their plates and cups in a pile ready for Kylie to take into the kitchen. I asked the children if they liked the tea party and they all said "yes"

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 5: Children are effective communicators Elements: 5.1 Children interact verbally and non-verbally with others for a range of purposes. The children were responding verbally to questions being asked.

Service Philosophy

We believe children's learning is enhanced through social interactions and engagementWe provide a supportive, fun and stimulating environment


Critical reflection.As the educator I was able to provide a positive experience for the children that was engaging I was able to interact with the children in a small group and was able to enhance their social skills and verbal language skills. Follow up have more tea parties

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