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The Three Little Pigs - Part 2 - 16th August 2022

Planned Follow Up: This morning, during 11:15am group time the Joeys were sitting on the mats. I set up a table with the props I made for the three little pigs story. I made three houses out of three empty glove boxes. I made the roofs out of brown coloured paper. I then put straw on one house. I glued sticks onto another house. I used a brick for the another house. The children were excited to see the props for the story. Sandra (educator) explained the story to the children. While Sandra was explaining the story the children took turns as pigs and being the wolf. Marlee started first. She acted as a pig and sat on the table by holding a pig picture in her hand. Elya acted as a wolf and asked " little pig, little pig let me in". Marlee replied "not by my hair and my chin, chin". then Elya blew the straw house and the house fell down. Jack took turn as the second pig and Nathan as the wolf. Sandra helped the children to repeat the conversations of the pig and wolf. Then Nathan blew the stick house and it fell down. Aarvi took turn as the pig and Pilar as the wolf for the brick house. Pilar tried to blow the house but she couldn't. She said it needs water in a pot. Then I realised I forgot to put chimneys on for the houses and the pot for the wolf to fall into. The story was finished and we wanted to involve the other children too. So Sandra repeated the story again. Hunter, Tilly and Pilar acted as pigs this time. Kavith, Elijah and Aarvi acted as the wolfs this time. After lot of encouragement from educators Kavith acted as the wolf. The children enjoyed the story with visual props and acting. The children then washed hands and had picnic for lunch.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 4: Children are confident and involved learners Elements: 4.1 Children develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity. The children in this learning experience were curious and confident in involving in the actions of the three little pigs and the wolf.


This learning experience can be linked to Piaget's theories. He believed that children are active learners and that the children must be given opportunities to explore, discover and experiment. These principals underpin all cognitive development.


Critical Reflection: As an educator I wanted to extend the story to next level using more visual properties. I recycled the empty gloves box to make houses for the pigs. I forgot to make chimney for the brick house. I told the kids that I will fix it. I was happy that the kids really involved into the story and took part in the actions. Follow Up: Using puppets for the three little pigs story.

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