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Tyre Tread Painting -2nd August 2023

Planned: The children gathered around the table to see what learning experience was being set up. I showed the children the different tyre treads. Laye and Carter looked at how the plane treads were smaller than the cars. Isaiah showed an interest in the dump truck treads, saying, "Jo, they are big." I asked the children what colours they would like to use to paint the wheels. Matthias said, "My favourite colour is green." Nyiel and Prisha yelled out, "Purple." Kavith said, "Yellow." James said, "Orange." While getting the paint, I heard the children talking about the cars and trucks and how some were small and had only two wheels. I explained that the children could use a small sponge to paint the wheels or push them down on the sponge. The children began choosing their method of painting. Many children decided on both types to explore and experiment with. Children needed reminders to paint the wheels, not the whole vehicle. Evan produced car noises when he drove the car on paper. When he had the plane, he zoomed it in the air. The children began to drive the vehicles very fast. "What happens if we drive this fast on the road?" Laye said, "We could crash." James said, "You need to call the police." "What do we have on the roads to slow vehicles down?" James said, "Stop Signs." Prisha said, "Cameras. The cameras help the police come." "Does anyone know other signs we see on the road?" The children shook their heads. "How can we keep ourselves safe in the car?" Lucas said, "Wear a seat belt." "After driving the vehicles, do the tyre's tread look the same?" "No." The children responded, "Some have lines going different ways, and trains have one line." When the children were finished with their paintings, they picked them up and placed them on the drying rack.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing Elements: 3.1 Children become strong in their social, emotional and mental wellbeing. The children could make their own decisions on whether they wanted to paint the wheels with a small sponge or run the wheels over the painted sponge. While setting up the learning experience, the children could choose the paint colours they wanted to use. As the children observed each other driving the vehicles in all different directions, they picked up social skills of sharing, cooperation and turn-taking, which helped the children have a positive outcome in their home and school life. This learning experience encouraged the children to express their ideas by making decisions on the materials they used.


Jean Piaget Look for children's interests and plan to build on them. At group time, the children engaged in discussions with their educators on what they wanted to learn at school. The children talked about cars and trucks. On Monday, the children were introduced to other types of transport they see on the road, rails, air, water and dirt. From this experience, I decided to look at the tyre treads on different vehicles. I showed the children pictures of vehicles with their different treads. From here, we found vehicles within the centre to use in our art experience.


Critical Reflection: I observed how the children interacted with each other. The children were keen and eager to participate when the learning experience was first set up. While I was asking the children what coloured paints they wanted, I could hear the children talking amongst themselves about the cars and trucks and driving them to the table. Showing the children the pictures of the tyre treads, the children used this information to turn the cars and trucks upside down to observe what the wheels looked like. While the children were painting, I asked questions about how to be safe in a car and on the road. I felt providing visual aids of treads, the children understood the art activity in simple terms. Follow Up: Looking at road signs.

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