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Watching the lawn cutting - 17th February 2022

Spontaneous: Today while the Joeys were out in the yard and they could hear someone cutting the Lawn. So Jenayah, Nevaeh, Hunter, Nathan, Pilar and Aarvi went around the side of the building to look and they could see someone cutting the grass next to Koala corner.I asked the children to come and sit near the metal car and they can watch from there. Jenayah covered her ears and said" noisy". I replied "yes it is noisy". The children continued to watch with great interest. I asked the older children " who has one of those at home" the children just looked at me and I told the children what it was. I said "it is a whipper snipper'. As the children were watching we talked about why the man was cutting the grass. I said "he is cutting the grass because it was long". I asked the children who cuts the lawn at their house?. The children just looked and I said they use a lawnmower. As the man moved further down the grass the children moved closer to watch him. But we educators made sure the children kept a safe distance.

Link to Pedagogical Documentation EYLF Outcomes Outcomes: 5: Children are effective communicators Elements: 5.1 Children interact verbally and non-verbally with others for a range of purposes. The children responded both verbally and non verbally to the questions I was asking. Theorists

Vygotsky's believes also emphasised the role of language in the development of the child's thinking processes. Vygotsky also sees the child's ability to think logically as developing in stages. Interpretation

Critical reflection:As an educator this was a great learning opportunity as it was spontaneous. This experience allowed me to scaffold the children's learning and interact verbally about the man doing lawn cutting. I was able to explain why he was cutting the grass and what type of power tool he was using. It allowed me to extend the children's language verbally. Follow up: Watch a short you tube video about how grass grows.

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