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Water Paints - 28th June 2021


This morning an Educator (Alpha) set up a sensory experience involving water and paintbrushes. Our Joeys were very eager to participate in the experience as they gathered around their Educator. Before the experience began the Educator demonstrated how the resources could be used and began painting on the metal fence. "Ohh look, how it changes colour", our Educator pointed out sparking curiosity within our Joeys. Each child then took a paint brush from the bucket and began painting water on the fence.

Our Joeys were encouraged to leave the bucket on the floor where their friends could also use the water inside. Two buckets of water were set out to encourage our Joeys to share resources and build their confidence in being able to share learning space with their peers. Our Joeys used up and down motions as they painted working on their fine motor and eye hand coordination skills.

Our younger Joeys approached the play and took interest in the buckets of water spilling them on the floor. Our older Joeys weren't very happy with this and to ensure all children were able to engage in their sensory play we set out another sensory experience for the younger Joeys with a small trough and balls. Elya and Hunter enjoyed splashing their hands in the water and watching the balls move around on the trough as their little hands and arms unintentionally moved the balls around.

Link to Pedagogical Documentation

EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 4: Children are confident and involved learners Elements: 4.2 Children develop a range of skills and processes such as problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating. Children have demonstrated they are able to use their senses to explore and extend their learning. In this experience our Joeys were able to experiment with cause and effect as they paint the fence with water changing the colour of the fence.


Our Joeys are in the Sensory motor stage of Piaget's theory of development as they use their sensory and motor capabilities to engage in experiences to extend their understanding.


Critical Reflection: I facilitated learning through verbal interactions with our Joeys encouraging sharing and turn taking skills. I supported our Joeys learning by listening to the groups needs and wants creating two different learning opportunities for two different developmental needs creating opportunities for all children to extend their cognitive development.

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