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Water play with colours - 2nd November 2021

Due to it being quite warm this morning we decided to do water play in the tub and add containers with different coloured water for the children to mix and experiment with it. We started filling up the tub and then the little containers. The children came over very eager and watched as we added blue, red, green and yellow in individual containers as well as adding sponges, measuring cups, spoons and cups for them to use. The children were straight into it grabbing different things to use Pilar and Nyiel went straight for a spoon to mix the food dye in the water, Elya stuck her hands straight into the water and it didn't take long before Nathan picked up a bigger container and tried to drink it and poured it on himself. Hunter soon decided he wanted to try the water too then he also decided to drink and pour the water all over himself. We quickly encouraged the children to keep the water in the tub by mixing and adding water to the bowls using different colours, which didn't work for Nathan and Hunter who just loved getting wet in the water. We noticed Nyiel 'washing the dishes' as she had the sponge and was rubbing the inside and outside of the bowl and would rinse it once finished before moving to the next bowl. Mun and Jude were fascinated just by pouring water from one bowl to another trying not to spill too much or Jude would say "Oh No". Aarvi, Abuk and Lucy were just enjoying playing in the water and would try out different utensils just never keeping anything consistently but would happily mix the water.

Pippa would watch alongside her friends this morning but wasn't too keen on joining in so during rest period Sandra set up an experience for her as she doesn't sleep. She got Pippa a doll and high chair, a picnic basket with a bottle and food and then lastly a face washer with some soap and encouraged Pippa to clean the doll which she proceeded to do and wiped her all down. She then got the bottle and fed her but soon after apparently baby needed another clean as she got another wipe down and a cuddle before being put back in the high chair.

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