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Whacky dress up day - 8th November 2021

Today we had whacky dress up day where the children and staff came dressed up. During morning group time the children sat in a circle and the staff went around the circle asking the children what they came dressed up as. Alpha asked ruby what her dress up was and ruby responded by saying " I am a fairy unicorn" next Pico was asked and Pico responded " I am a skeleton Spiderman" next Daphne was asked and Daphne responded " Moana". Yvette asked the children what Sandra was dressed up as and ruby responded " a Postie" Next they asked the children what Kylie was dressed as and ruby responded "Polly" I said " No guess again" then ruby next response was a " roller coaster" I said " no" the children were given a hint it starts with the letter W the children were thinking but it was a bit to hard. So I told the children I was wally from where's Wally.

After asking the children what each person was the educators went around the circle again and asked each child what their character does. Ruby was the first one to be asked Ruby said" the tooth fairy takes the tooth to tooth fairy land". Next Pico was asked " help people and call for friends", Daphne was asked and she said" sails on the ocean" and Daphne was also asked what does she find Daphne replied " Maui". the children were asked what does a Postie do Maurice replied " Delivers mail, rides a bike" Ruby also said "rides a bike". The children were asked what does Wally do Ruby said" Hides in places".

As the conversation continued Daphne was looking at Ruby's unicorn hat she said "look" it was sparkling in the sun. later on when the Joeys went outside we had some dress ups for the Joey children to put on Nyiel put on a Disney dress, With help we put an octopus dress up on Elya, Jack put on a seahorse dress up and Hunter wore his jelly been outfit.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 5: Children are effective communicators Elements: 5.1 Children interact verbally and non-verbally with others for a range of purposes. The children were using their verbal language skills to respond to questions being asked by educators.


Lev Vygotsky - Vygotsky emphasised the importance of relationships and interactions between children and more knowledgeable peers and adults. Social interactions involve communicating, so Vygotsky also emphasised the role of language in the development of the child's thinking processes


Critical reflection:As the educators we were able to enhance the children's learning by letting them have opportunities to express themselves through language and giving them knowledge about what different dress up's were. It was a great social interaction activity because the children had to listen to each person and interact with one another about each others costumes. Follow up: Continue with whacky week

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