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Yoga Partners - 28th March 2024

This afternoon Eliza headed over to the ‘yoga’ wall. As she stood looking and then trying out the moves illustrated, Hunter ventured over too and began pointing and discussing with Eliza the moves she should do. She occasionally responded with “I’ve already done that one”.

Hunter was not perturbed and would settle in to do the move himself before moving to another move. Very soon then we’re in unison doing moves one after the other.

Hunter would at times instruct Eliza with what move to do next pointing to the chart and she would respond in kind.

They repeated the yoga moves several times over working harmoniously together with fluid movements, sharing ideas and instructions of where to put the their bodies in the move.

Analysis of learning:

Eliza and Hunter worked collaboratively together, sharing conversations on what to do, how to do it and what was next. They shared the small space effectively avoiding bumping into each other. They used the time positively enjoying this moment of shared interest together. Outcome 1.2 Children have a strong sense of identity - evident when children are ‘open to new challenges and discoveries’…’increasingly cooperate and work collaboratively with others’.

Where to from here?

To provide further opportunities to promote children’s sense of belonging, connectedness and wellbeing.

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