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Hunters Free Time - 13th March 2024

Whilst enjoying a little free play in the big yard, Hunter and several of his peers were sitting on the swinging having a good old time. I came to stand with them and Hunter rubbing his thighs said “My legs are getting big!”

“Yes they are because you are growing”.

I thought for a moment and then offered the suggestion that we could measure how much he had grown. Hunter was keen for this to happen and I explained that perhaps we could go and make a mark on the window inside and measure his height. Other side overheard our conversation and were keen to be part of this spontaneous experience.

We all hurried inside and sitting in front of the glass sliding door they all took turns in having their height marked.

Naturally Hunter went first as this was his little project and all his peers waited patiently for their turn before transitioning to washing hands in the bathroom ready for lunch.

As Hunter was first he peered through the opposite side of the glass window to pull faces but also to view who was as tall as he was pointing to different marks I had made on the glass.

Analysis of learning:

Hunter engages in self initiated conversations with his educators “My legs are getting big”:(Outcome 1.1- children have a strong sense of identity) as well as (Outcome 4.1 and 4.3 - children are confident and involved learners) where Hunter, after having himself measured, viewed everyone else’s markings with curiosity through the glass engaging with his peers and educators to do co-construct learning.

Where to from here?

To provide further opportunities for Hunter to explore the world of measurement, experiencing this concept using conventional and non conventional methods for measuring.

Reading ‘Mr Archimedes bath’ measuring the water levels as they change.

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