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Old Macdonald's farm - 11th October 2021

Today when the children came in they found that an Old MacDonald's farm was set up on the table. Jack came over to the table and sat down and started to play with the farm animals then Hunter and Nathan came over to join in too. I asked Jack to find a cow he started to look at all the animals on the table and then he found the cow. I then said "What sound does a cow make" Jack looked at me not sure so I helped Jack with making the moo sound. Hunter and Nathan decided that the animals would be better off the table swiping them onto the floor. So I thought I would engage them in the play by showing the children the animals then making the sounds. This was better than throwing them on the floor.

When Koitha came in he sat down at the table he was looking at the animals so I asked him if he could find a horse he said" Horse" while picking it up . I then said to him what sound does a horse make " Neigh" he replied we then went through the other animal's and he was able to pick each animal up and make all the sounds . During the play we sang old Macdonald had a farm and as the song went along I got the children to choose an animal to sing about.

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EYLF Outcomes

Outcomes: 5: Children are effective communicators Elements: 5.1 Children interact verbally and non-verbally with others for a range of purposes. The children were interacting in this activity using both verbally and Non verbally language throughout the experience.


Mildred In her research, she discovered that children of different ages actually played together differently. They were capable of different levels or categories of social play. Parten's stages:, Unoccupied play Solitary play, Onlooker play, Parallel play, Associative play, Co-operative play. Even though the children were engaging in the same activity the children were engaging in parallel play. This means that they were doing the same thing but not engaging with each other. they were playing alongside each other.


Critical reflection. As the educator I was able to provide an age appropriate activity that multiplied the children's engagement. I was able to scaffold their learning by asking them questions about what type of animals there where and what sounds each of the animals made. I was also able to help the children with the sounds of the animals. Follow up Felt board story of Old MacDonald had a farm

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